This is a villian group devoted to destroying Dayle Fowler and his gang.


Name Status First Appearance Last Appearance Book Count
Reno Deceased One Big Day One Big Day 1
Lan Jones Alive Exits & Beginnings Current 6
Nevo Deceased Exits & Beginnings One Big Day 2
Mike McMullan Deceased The Life or Daeth of Dayle Fowler

One Big Day

Robot Copy in Duplicated Pt 2

Emz Simpson Deceased Murder In The Dark One Big Day 2
Roisin Cummings Alive Murder In The Dark Current 4
Alyssa Greene Alive (defected) Murder In The Dark

Defected in One Big Day

Sphynx Massari Alive; trapped in a cartoon world The Curse of Dayle Fowler

One Big Day

Duplicated Part One (robot copy)

Diamond Alive One Big Day Current 3



to be added

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