Album by Dayle Doggi/Toastie

Release Date

30th May 2012


General Pop, Hip Hop, Folk




  1. Whoniverse (Released 29th March 2012)
  2. Miss Smith (Released 19th April 2012)
  3. Fionn Mac Cumhaill (Released 3rd May 2012)
  4. Loving Adorable Clever Empathic (Released 28th May 2012)
  5. Fire (Released 19th June 2012)

Release Chronology

Prev - School Days (Extended Play) (2012)

Current - Superheroes (2012)

Next - Goodbye EP (2012)


Superheroes is an album by Dayle Doggi. During the album Dayle was under both Doggi & Toastie


Track No Track Title Writer(s)
1. She's Superwoman Doggi
2. She Could Be Jane Bond Doggi
3. Whoniverse Doggi
4. Alien Force Doggi & Olivia Fowler
5. Rath Attack Doggi
6. Heart Followers Doggi
7. Fionn Mac Cumhaill (Produced By The Lord) Doggi & The Lord
8. Miss Smith Doggi
9. Fire Doggi (Co-Produced with Jammy)
10. Hero's Electro Doggi
11. Loving Adorable Clever Empathic Doggi (with references to Ed Sheeran's Lego House)


  • Whoniverse is first lead single from an album not to be a collaboration.
  • There is a tribute to Elisabeth Sladen.
  • Whoniverse is the first ever album track to have a music video to support it.

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