Halloween Horrors Front


This is a promo single from Halloween Horrors


Halloween HorrorsEdit

3. Monster (The Atomic)

4. Ghosts N Ghouls

5. It's Terror Time Again


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Its halloween hittin’ us people will be headin for the abyss, ghosts are out for a fucking big shout!

The Addams Family out for a treat while the Creeper is out for a bite to eat, Zombies are burnin’ while this spooky rap is Churnin’

The wolves are howling while the King’s Ghost is fouling, I’m dancing while the headless horseman is prancing, Pumpkins are getting cut and Scooby has went for a nut!

I’ll send that sea monster up stream coz I’m havin a fucked up dream!




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  2. YouTube Wiki page

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